Harperrig in West Lothian, near Edinburgh


Harperrig House in the PentlandsHarperrig is a name which derived itself from the name Harpers Rigg (ridge.) You can see the original stone at the end of the kitchen wall.

When we first came here, we thought it was simply named after someone called Harper.

However, on further investigation, we discovered it was actually from when the tribesmen would gather at the the top of West Cairns hill and listen to the travelling storyteller who would visit and tell stories accompanied by his harp.

The surrounding countryside is with the Pentland Regional Park and very close to Edinburgh. It is steeped in history. For example, there were two WWII german planes which crashed up on moors. The pilots were buried in the local churchyard in Kirknewton.

We hope to develop this section of the web site to give more historical information on this fascinating part of West Lothian.


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