Pentland Parks, ideal destination for a self catering holiday cottage near Edinburgh

Pentlands Parks

Pentland HillsRobert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson are but a few of the famous names which are connected to the wonderful landscape which is the Pentland Regional Park.

It is steeped in beauty, history and geographical qualities; and it's there, right on your holiday cottage doorstep!

The dominant celtic tribes of the Gododdin would have seen the arrival of the Romans from the settlements.

The drove roads are an abiding legacy of historical farming traditions. These routes were used to drive cattle to and from markets in West Linton, Biggar and Falkirk. The Cauldstane Slap, (which you look up to from the cottage) was one of the most heavily used routes witnessing 150,000 head of cattle in one year.  They would cross over at the ford on the river (The Water of Leith), just a short walk from the cottage.

If you walk up to the top of East Cairns hill, you will be rewarded by a spectacular view of Edinburgh and the surrounding Lothians. If the weather is good you might be able to see as far as Fife. It is well worth the walk!

For a map of the Pentland Regional Park, click here


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