Things to do in Scotland


One of the best advantages that Drover's holiday cottage has (and not just because it within easy access to Edinburgh, Glasgow, The Borders and Fife,) is that it is also a fantastic base to explore other parts of Scotland you might not have necessary have thought of!




What you need to do is think about where you want to go and with a bit planning you can organise your very own adventure.


One of our most recent visitors suddenly remember they desperately wanted to see the Harry Potter bridge.  This is the Glenfinnan railway bridge based up near Fort William.  Whilst it is a long drive (about 3 hours) it can be done.



Sadly they didn't have time, so we pointed them in the direction of the The Elephant House in Edinburgh, where JK Rowling wrote most of her first book. But with a bit of planning you can have a great adventure.





We have had visitors wanting to sledge and they set off for Glencoe.






Some wanted to see Fort George in off they went.








And one family wanted to see if they could catch sight of the Loch Ness Monster (Nessie to her friends!) They had a fantastic time and managed a few 'stop offs' to see other sights en route. I am not too sure if they manage to see her, but I have ...... and that's what counts!!


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